Half Consciou$ represents exactly what it sounds like, a combination of conscious and worldly. Though he loves making conscious music and living his life as such, he cannot help but to touch on the ride from nothing to something, and everything prior. Moving from Gary, IN to LA, experiencing completely different lifestyles, traveling, and a range of up and downs have created an extremely versatile artist. Producing most of, and writing all of his own music gives a true step into the mind of Half Consciou$.



Tamera LaShawn is a modern-day time machine. The LA-native offers vibes from the 90's with today's relevancy. She may touch on relationship rough patches, along with the good; or she may preach about the unfairness in today's society, and how you should embrace who you are. Either way, the soul from these vocals will make you want to grab some collards. So be careful!



If you ever want to know what confidence sounds like, listen to LordBlessTheFre$h. Coming from Gary, IN, he grew up in the same environment as the average rapper; but unlike most, he's not afraid to be himself and his music provides a twist to hip-hop. His sound mixed with his incomparable work ethic will constantly leave you un-expectingly expecting the unexpected.


Aaron Kaii

Aaron Kaii, also from Gary, IN, is a rapper turnt singer who can go either direction successfully. Having an extreme likability factor combined with infectious flows will quickly have you repeating song after song. He is a talent stays modern, but you can see a peak of the 90's R&B inspirations. Either way it goes, the flows on each track stay diverse, but still in a catchy pocket, keeping you entertained and zoned in.